The exhibition “Exquisite Dishes” Is an joined Russian-Nederlands charitable project aiming to help orphaned children with bad eyesight. This project closes the year of “Russian-Holland partnership”, but opens the way to further development, social an cultural relations.

Dutch and Russian artists took part in this project.. The teachers from the Institute of Arts from Arnhem, the HKU University of Arts from Utrecht, the Wackers Academy from Amsterdam were among those participants.

For several months the artists hand painted old plates and dishes, with a great deal of imagination and fantasy. They gave a new life to these old objects. The results of their efforts are now included in one big collection,where various artistic innovative techniques, multiple themes and subjects where used by the artists and which now can be enjoyed by public. Interesting, that among the participants only two of them were professional masters of works with porcelain.

I learned that drawing helps children develop color recognition, motor skills and positively influence their moods and emotions. From my previous observations of painters using old plates as a working palette for mixing colors, I was fascinated by the results. As the result, the plate would transform into a beautiful piece of abstract art form.

I remember an old lady who brought her small granddaughter in the art class. The little girl started to play with dried specs of paint on one of such plates by tracing her fingers over them. The girl was encouraged to draw on the plate, and suddenly the plate depicted a night sky with stars. The girl wished that those stars would sing a lullaby to her sick brother, so he could finally fall asleep, as his severe cold and coughing had not allow him to sleep. That is how I came up with an idea to use an old plate as an object of Art.

I am happy to express my deepest gratitude to all artists of the project “Comestibles”.

And a special thanks for Leonid Cherenko and Tamara Semyonova who helped me with organizing this project.

Tatjana Egmond.

Jannie Benthem

Dutch Artist Jannie Benthem has graduated in 1992 at the Academie of Art in Arnhem. She has her own studio in Nijmegen where she makes sculptures, paintings and video. Her artwork is exhibited in Holland and abroad. Central theme in her work is transiency.

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Tatjana Egmond

Tatjana Egmond is an artist and an international curator of Art projects. She participated in student’s project and some collective exhibitions.

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Aleksey Vermishev

Aleksey Vermishev works as a painter. He was born in 1954 in the city of Saratov.

In 1976 he started to work as an painter in the Drama Theater in Saratov. In 1980 he graduated from Saratov Art College.

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Ivan Tarasyuk

1957: born in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterniburg) 1988: Faculty of Graphic Art of the Leinigrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin

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Maarten Welbergen

Maarten Welbergen lives and works in Amsterdam. He is a figurative fine-painter and is specialized in portraits. He studied at the Rietveld-academy of fine Arts in Amsterdam and the stateacademy of fine Arts too.

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Marloes Meijburg

title: Green peace
Paint: Tempera

Marloes Meijburg (1986) is a dutch artist who is mainly focussed on painting and drawing. Her inspiration and fascination are colours, textures and landscapes. She wants people to experience a moment

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Matt Janssen

Matt Janssen, artist and painter (Helden,1951) graduated from Academie voor schone kunsten in Arendonk (Belgium) with honour. His work is usually composed in mixed media In abstract compositions he combines materials like

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Sjaak Kaashoek

Sjaak Kaashoek (1961, Sliedrecht) is a Dutch painter and printmaker. He makes paintings of church interiors, cityscapes, still lifes and landscapes. In his style, he is inspired by Renaissance art and 17th century Dutch masters. He gets his inspiration from nature, environment, science and mythology.

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Ton van Geelen

Ton van Geelen (48) paints what he loves, what fascinates him. He is attracted by original countries, colourful people, feelings arising from music and sensuality, untouched cultures and virginal landscapes.

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Carel Lanters

Carel Lanters (Didam 1955) was educated at the Academy of Fine Art AKI in Enschede (1976-1981). During his education he initiated the department mixed media in which he graduated cumlaude.

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Ralf Heynen

Ralf Heynen (1978) is a fine arts painter from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He was born with a form of cataract. Therefore, his sight is blurred and it is impossible for him to see sharp lines and fine details. What remains is a hazy image of light and color.

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Rido Jansen

Rido is a collector of different (old) materials with memories of people. All kind of things with a story, or objects from the past, have her special interest.

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Denny Baggen

Denny Baggen, lives and works in the Netherlands, Nijmegen. She graduated in 1987, at the Academy of Fine Arts inArnhem.

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Ed Sammelius

Ed Sammelius is Born 1960 in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Ed Sammelius is Key Account Manager for his job and artist in his free time. Ed Sammelius is autodidact and draws and paints of his 4 year.

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Sil van Mil

“Born in a big city, The Hague, and first working in a commercial area, always surrounded by people who work and live for money and only care about buying stuff, I made a great change at the age of 28. I started painting. I like to let people

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