Marjanke de Bruijn

Mus-Atelier / Marjanke de Bruijn

MUS stands for: Marjanke’s Untold Stories. And storytelling is what she does with her paintings; multilayered, colourful and bright images that are beyond the expected.

With her background as an actress and theatre director, she likes to spice her work with texts. In fact she is still making theatre: Inviting you to discover the hidden treasures and to continue associating your own images to a new layer above the existing picture. With the earnings of her art she raises her 5 children as an independent mother. Her tremendous energy, positive mindset and drive as a mother allows her to make it all work.

She will paint on almost any surface: wooden tables, sofa’s other furniture, china, handbags and canvas of almost any size. And she creates 3D objects in wood, plaster or other materials seven days a week (if not stopped).
She likes to hide little secrets inside her paintings which you can only discover after looking at them from a different angle. Her goal is to make objects to arouse your imagination.

Or, in her own words: “I don’t want to end the story; It’s just a start! “