Ingeborg Leeftink

Ingeborg Leeftink (Hengelo (O) 1962) is a graphic designer and painter. She grew up in a wooded area in The Netherlands, called ‘De Achterhoek’. Here her love for nature and wildlife was born.

Stories tell that – already as a young child – she looked at bugs, butterflies and larger animals, with utmost care and attention.

In her work animals were the main subject, especially cats were often found in her works. Maybe because they live intheir own world and are independent creatures. For Ingeborg they represent humans: lovingly, cuddly but distantand always with an attitude. It is a challenge to captivate their love and attention.

Lately people have made their way onto her canvasses. From that moment on, the stories she paints have changed: life, death and all human emotions found their way in herworks. Nevertheless is an animal part of nearly every painting, as a remain of past momentum.