Wim Streep

Born and raised in Amsterdam. As kid I was attracted to drawing. I reproduced cartoons like Donald Duck. Later on a went to the Academy of Free Fine Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands.

I crew up in a Amsterdam School Building Area and worked most of the time in the old city centre where i did all kind of jobs. I do still love those area’s, they inspire me to paint. I am there most of the weekends when I not working in my atelier.

The format of my paintigs is mostly 80 x 80 cm. acrylic on canvas. I am also
making streetart. As start for a study I do like taking fotographs and work them out. I do use acrlylic paint because it dries fast. I am drawing rather thick with the paint right on te canvas. Most of the work is about cities, people and technic.

See more on my site www.wimstreep.nl
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