Andreas Hetfeld

Andreas Hetfeld (Germany / 1965)

Playful and utopistic attributes are characteristical of the sculptures and installations created by Andreas Hetfeld. In 2005 in Emmerich (D) 700 people participated in Hetfeld’s interactive nest-building project and in 2001 he arranged a zeppelin-building project in Nijmegen, Valkhofpark (NL) - both projects are most exemplary for Hetfeld’s art work in general.

Already in his early youth he was fascinated by everything that creeps, crawls and flies. He was interested in every being and thing that was able to overcome gravity - flying animals, insects, especially birds. This provided the basis for the nest-building project. One could understand Hetfeld’s works as being in line with the flying machines designed bij Leonardo, but aerodynamically they are not meant to fly.

He combines the human body with special constructions evoking an adventurous feeling of freedom. Hetfeld’s work is principally involved in constructional doings.