Raymond Boekelder

Anonymous Mother

Raymond Boekelder is a Dutch artist painter.

Regulary, he posts pictures of his paintings and drawings on his Facebook page.
When he posted a photo of this drawing earlier 2013, he received a reaction from mrs. Therese Hartgring-Cohen: “This reminds me of the children’s home, where I lived from birth until I was 8 years old, and I felt like this drawing: Who are my parents, who am I?”

When the invitation came to design a plate for the Russian – Dutch Friendship year, and when he got to know that the plates were going to be sold for the benefit of a Children’s Home near St. Petersburg, Raymond immediately thought of using this drawing because of the reaction of Therese.

A wonderful coïncidence to be able to adapt an already existing drawing on this Russian plate, like it was really made for this purpose even before he knew it.

Life is stranger than fiction !