René Donders


René Donders (Tegelen, 1969) is artist, painter and performance artist in Nijmegen since 1995. Hegraduated at the Academy of Applied Science, Hogeschool Kath. Leergangen in Sittard as bachelor of Arts and Teaching. He studied Artshistory in Nijmegen for three years at the University Radboud. Besides his practise as an artist he is an Arts teacher at the University of Applied Science, Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen department of Arts Therapy. His worksare mostly paintings and cartoondrawings although he recently also has been working as a performance artist, sometimes in collaboration with Yingmei Duan.

Leading theme is “Connections” between subthemes, materials and people. Literally you can see this in his work through the use of thread to sew several different pieces of canvas and painting together in the creation of new mind and artscapes. Fragments and pieces are recycled by him. On the back of the works you can often see the pieces’ origins.

Subthemes are homeland, the meeting, transiency, relativity of the safe haven and commited points of view on society.