Ed Sammelius

Ed Sammelius is Born 1960 in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Ed Sammelius is Key Account Manager for his job and artist in his free time. Ed Sammelius is autodidact and draws and paints of his 4 year.

Ed Sammelius donates a lot of paintings to art auctions for charities. Ed Sammelius paints the last years using only Acrylic or oil paint. The last 5 years I paint face Art thes are emotional al the designs and drawings are mate with one single line. This lines forms a the total drawing. During the design i have no idea which way my design goes to.

Ed Sammelius teach small kids from 6 to 13 how to draw. Also makes Ed Sammelius children’s art paintings for children day care centres, and small children’s hospitals. See an overview on Facebook page Ed Sammelius artist with drawings, designs and Paintings.

* a collection of the works of art can also be seen at website and Twitter @Ed4Art