Denny Baggen

Denny Baggen, lives and works in the Netherlands, Nijmegen. She graduated in 1987, at the Academy of Fine Arts inArnhem.

Her oil paintings looks from a distance like an abstractcollor field, but when you take a close look, you discover a world of little figures, animals and people. They are walking, sitting, dancing, flying and enjoying life. Denny Baggen made also big artworks like wallpaintings, which you can see at her website

Lines in oil paint

My line winds its way through the field of soft oil paint. My eyes are focused on the empty space and at the same time on the forming line. I look a bit forward, a bit back and at the point that is moving. With confidence I take always the opposite direction. With my special love for animals -they are as they are- and human beings, grows a world on canvas, in which balance, equality and connection are the major forces.

ll my characters enjoy life, which directly refers to ‘the meaning of life’.
Denny Baggen