Matt Janssen

Matt Janssen, artist and painter (Helden,1951) graduated from Academie voor schone kunsten in Arendonk (Belgium) with honour. His work is usually composed in mixed media In abstract compositions he combines materials like acrylic, sharcoal, rusty water, matterpainting, newspapers and anything else that inspires him in this chaotic world around us.

In my work I show fragments of what I see around me. A gathering of pieces I will reconstruct into a new reality. I want to transform and create in that sense new images. I don’t want to just simply reflect. In me there is a great anxiety and this is a big force that every time leads me to new places.In the end the seach is more important in my work than finding it.

‘The present is volatile and escapes us; in the case that we feel it, it’s already gone, it has become history.’