Maarten Welbergen

Maarten Welbergen lives and works in Amsterdam. He is a figurative fine-painter and is specialized in portraits. He studied at the Rietveld-academy of fine Arts in Amsterdam and the stateacademy of fine Arts too. Till now he made a lot of portrait-commissions for private people and for the State and all kind of organizations. He is exhibiting his portraits and other works in galleries in the Netherlands and foreign countries like Turkey and Italy. He is a member of different Art-organisations like ‘travels on paper’ in which he travels together with other members to foreign countries to paint the landscapes overthere. Recently there is published a book about his work. He teaches also in a private Art-school in Amsterdam.

His work can be found on internet at

On the plate he made a ‘trompe l’oeil’ painting of a selfportrait mirrored in the soup as if he is eating tomato-soup from the plate. The title is ‘Dutch Tomato-soup’ and is painted in oilpaint.