International Writing Competition “The Book of Recipes for Happiness”

Terms of International Writing Competition 
“The Book of Recipes for Happiness”
General terms
The international social-cultural project “Happy Plates” is supported by the Department of Culture of the Administration of Pushkin District of the City of Saint Petersburg, Russia. The project includes this international writers contest (referred below is the competition) for the best creative works in Russia and abroad. The best works shall be awarded the prizes.
The competition is not a commercial enterprise and is organized exclusively for creative and cultural purposes.
The competition guarantees: 
equal conditions for all contestants;
acknowledge and credit in Media;
an undisclosed result before the contest is over;
Terms of the competition and changes in the terms, as well as members of jury are determined by the organizers. (Clause 3).
Goals and Purposes of the Competition
The Goal of the Competition:
- To convey the message to the public that happiness can be achieved by anyone regardless of age, citizenship or physical limitations.
The Purposes of the Competition:
development of creative potentials of all the contestants;
involvement of physically impaired contestants;
expansion of the cooperation with organizations and institutions.
The Organizers of the Competition 
1. The team of organizers consists of members of the cultural project “Happy Plates” headed by Art-Studio of Tatyana Egmont and the staff of the public library # 2 in Kadetsky Prospect, referred below as ‘Organizers”.
The Functions of Organizers:
- Uploading and updating the information regarding the competition in the following websites: ; ; ; ; ;  
Providing the contestants with information and recommendations;
- Assigning the members of Jury and managing their work;
- Organizing the ceremony of awarding prizes;
- Resolving other organizational issues. 
3. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the timeline, number of winners and official partners.
The Terms of the Competition 
The contestants compete on the volunteering, non-commercial basis.
The creative writing works should be presented in Russian language in the form of essays or poems, in accordance with the main theme of the competition “The Book of Recipes for Happiness”. (Everyone has a recipe for happiness and we chose our own ingredients). 
Creative writings are accepted for the Competition from December, 10, 2017 till Februry, 25, 3018.
The contestants will be divided into three age groups: 
8 – 12 years old
13 – 17 years old
18 – and older.
All applicants should fill the form (attachment #1: the full name, address, contacts information, such as e-mail) and include offered creative works in the required format (See clause 5).
The personal data of the applicants and contestants remain strictly confidential and shall never be shared with third parties. The works are not to be returned or censored.
Requirements for works
1.Formatting requirements: 
- In text format such as: *.doc, *.docx, font: Times New Roman, font size: 14, interval between lines: 1,5;
- Margins: 3 centimeters on the left, 2 сm on the top and bottom, 1,5 см on the right side of the page.;
- The volume of the text should not exceed 2500 letters with spaces and should not be less than 2000 letters (One page in A4 format).
All presented works will be nominated in two categories:
- essays;
- poetry. 
3. All presented works are to be evaluated in accordance with following criteria: 
- full accordance and development of the main theme;
- literature style;
- personal attitude toward the main theme;
- literacy norms and grammar.
4. The following types of works will not be accepted for the competition:
–The works containing political, religious, ideological and other forms of propaganda, fake information, racism and nationalism, hate, slander, personal assaults and insults, inappropriate language and slang;
– Violations of copyrights laws.
5. The contestants can present their work either in electronic or paper forms:
For electronic mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For paper form, either in regular mail or delivered in person:
196602 СПб., г. Пушкин, Кадетский бульвар, 22А.
22-A, Kadetsky Boulevard, Pushkin, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 196602.
The Order of the processing the Competition 
The competition shall proceed in two steps.
The first step will consists of collecting the offered works. (From December, 10, 2017 till February, 25, 2018).
3. At the second step will  the organizers of the competition will arrange exhibitions of all presented works:
The place of the exhibition: The public library in the Kadetsky Boulevard 
(22-A, Kadetsky Boulevard, Pushkin, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 196602). 
The date: from March, 3, 2018 till March, 18, 2018.
The place of the exhibition: The Russian School in Nijmegen, Holland. 
The date: April, 2018.
The results of the Competitions and winners’ awards.
1. The jury chose the winners and selects the first, second and the third winners in every age group.
2. The winners are awarded with diplomas of the first, second and third degrees, the valuable prizes and the book with the best works of the contestants “The Book of Recipes for Happiness” (Clause 5).
The authors of the best works shall receive the printed certificates. All other contestants will be sent electronic certificates.
The results of the Competition shall be published in the following websites:
One hundred of the best creative works will be included in the book “The Book of the Recipes for Happiness”. 
The date of the publication will be announced in the website of the competition. 
The authors’ rights:
Every contestant should understand that the event is a non-profit, charitable project. Therefore all works presented for the competition become automatically the property of organizers. Organizers retain the right to use the presented works for display, publishing, using for manufacturing informational, advertising and souvenir products with the full credit to the name of the author but without any monetary rewards. 
Coordinators of the Competition:
Tatyana Egmond, the head of the international project “Happy Plates” This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The public library in the Kadetsky Boulevard.
т. 465-45-02, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Attachment # 1 
The Contestant’s Application
Full name _____________________________________________________________
The city and country the residence
E-mail or contact information

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